Sculpted Wolverine

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Manual creation of the Wolverine helmet ilustrastudios

This project took me a long time, I had to alternate the workshop work with the design of this helmet.

This helmet was a handcrafted creation from start to finish. I wanted to create something original and more realistic, with a modern and real design. I did a lot of research to inspire myself and I got down to work. Use modeling clay NSP chavant medium. Personally, of all that I have tried, it is the brand that I like the most, I can do with it whatever I want, it allows it to be manipulated very well and above all it maintains its shape without deforming when making the mold.

Working without a prior design and letting the helmet design appear little by little while you sculpt, I love it! You enjoy a lot, because you don’t know the end result. If it is true that this way it takes longer because you experiment a lot, but it is my preferred method. With the illustration I worked in the same way. Once the helmet begins to take shape, there is hard work, symmetry. You have to be checking and squaring the other side of the hull to make them the same. But when you’ve got symmetry you start to enjoy adding details.

I start to square all the angles and details of the helmet. I study the helmet to be credible, all the elements that it incorporated have to be realistic and functional for the design to be correct.

The hard effort of so many months of work comes to an end. The helmet is created. To celebrate!!!



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