W1 Xforce

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W1 Xforce

From 242,00 


Professional helmet for cosplay or collecting.

Custom version of Wolverine x-men helmet.

The helmet is made up of two pieces, the rear with neodymium magnets to be able to put on the helmet. Constructed of urethane resin.

The Raw version needs labor, trimming of excess material, sanding and repair of bubble failures. It was shipped unassembled.

The worn color version is repaired and painted by us. The helmet is padded on the inside.

The color version with weathered metal is like the color version, but the erosion is much greater. The paint is scratched to show the metal effect.

This helmet is created to order exclusively. It is very complex and requires a long time for its construction.

If you want any customization on the helmet, contact us.

We recommend the use of our balaclava, for greater hygiene and sweat does not pass to the helmet. Our balaclava can be washed in the washing machine.

Creation time can be 12 weeks. It may vary depending on special dates, events or at this time due to covid19.

If you have any questions contact us.

W1 Xforce


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Why choose Ilustrastudios?

We seek perfection in each product. We manufacture each prop by hand for each client, and our goal is always to offer the best finishes.

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We take care of every detail to the maximum. We only work with quality materials and fabrics. We design and manufacture entirely in Spain.

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All our products are handcrafted.


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