v3 halfshell CRC

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Mask v3 halfshell with removable lenses.

Lenses with leather effect, removable and interchangeable by expression lenses.

Note: The lenses of model v2, do not work for this mask.

The mask is made up of a partial shell, exposing the lower part of the head. The shell is padded inside and our new design makes it extremely comfortable.

The biggest novelty of this model is a jaw prosthesis, created in a semi-rigid material to adapt better to the chin. This prosthesis creates a perfect silhouette to the mask if deformation, making it very similar to the film.

This prosthesis allows us to move and gesticulate even drink some liquid without having to remove the prosthesis.

The mask is created in CRC fabric, to match Costume Replica Cave costumes

We have a deadline of 2-3 weeks for the delivery of the mask, may vary depending on important dates. If you have an important date event, check deadlines with us.


Small: 54-56 cm

Standart: 57-59 cm

Large: 60-62 cm

Perimeters of head.

For the creation is necessary perimeters of head and neck.

And a phone to make the shipment, requirement for DHL

v3 halfshell CRC

V3 halfshell, v3+prosthesis, v3+prosthesis+pack expression