Ladypool v1

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Materials: Abs, Tela point, Grid
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Version dead pool lady

Model mask type V1, created in ABS thermoformed black 2 mm. The mask is a shell half leaving the entire area of ​​the mouth free to speak, gesticulate even drink if the fabric is lifted a little. This version has high-quality lycra fabric and silk-screened texture. In the stitching has a double stitching on the side seams to give greater consistency and a better presence. The fabric is very elastic and with a softness that makes it very pleasant when in contact with the skin. In the back part you have the zipper in the same lateral joint, to disguise it to the maximum. Being half shell and having free nose and mouth area makes it very comfortable to wear is very light and the fabric is comfortable and fits very well. The mask inside is padded for a better fit with the face and make separation between plastic and face to prevent sweating. It is one of our most comfortable masks to use.
Both mask and cloth are attached and can not be detached.

Only the mask is sold, the blonde tail is not included.

Shipping by DHL express.

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