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Personalized mask, with exclusive design of ilustrastudios for daily use. It incorporates TNT fabric filters and antibacterial cotton. The front filter is 3 layers, the lower zone filter 2 layers.

Filters can be removed and washed. We will have filter replacements available.

The mask is padded inside for a pleasant contact with the skin. It is made of a semi-rigid urethane, so that it adapts well and can be easily cleaned with hydro alcoholic spray and disinfect.

The mask has two elastic straps with an adjustable pin. You put on the mask and regulate it to suit you. You have to look for the ideal positions of the gums so that the mask is well seated on your face.

Any of the parts and components of the mask can be purchased, if you have any breakage or deterioration, even the inner padding.

IMPORTANT: this mask is not homologated.


Basic Colors:

They are colors that we create directly. The base of the mask can be white or black. And the decorations can vary in blue, purple, orange, yellow, red, black, white and green


Colors can be chosen. the mask is spray painted. Colors can be in gloss and satin finishes. You can combine between flat and metallic colors. You have to choose a color for the mask and another for the decorations.

If the customization you want to do is different or with a wider color combination, contact us. As if you want to put some text in the mask, example of your company.

Delivery times right now are 3-4 weeks.

Any questions with the mask you can contact us.


white-blue, black ninja, red-black, black-yellow, black-orange, black-green, customized